Wis Whānau...

We have a couple of new whānau names at WIS.  If you're not familiar with our whānau kaupapa, each student is placed in a specific class which is attached to a Whānau.  Students can earn whānau points throughout the year for various things: participation in events, wearing correct uniform, demonstrating excellence etc...
The 5 whānau are:
Te Whānau o Waimirirangi (Hokianga princess) Te Whānau o Tawatāwhiti (Pā site) Te Whānau o Waiarohia (Awa/river) Te Whānau o Kauika (Pā site) Te Whānau o Parihaka (Maunga/Mountain) With the new names we were asked to paint some signage acknowledging each whānau.  We (Juliana & I) spent 2 days during the school holidays painting them.  A massive to my mentor Juliana, ngā mihi to our leadership team and principal who came up with the initiative and also to Mr Peyton for purchasing and cutting out the wooden canvases.  We thoroughly enjoyed the project and love them.  He aha tō whakaaro?

Kicking off 2019 with 'Manaia Street Art'

On Friday 8th of February the two Visual Arts enrichment classes visited the awesome art works created by some world renown street artists.  Keep an eye on this space for student movies currently being edited and should be published soon.

Students win prizes for artwork.

During Term 3 enrichment, students learned painting techniques with our wonderful Ms Hoogeveen.  Students worked on portraits of animals to create art work to be displayed at the Whangarei Vegan Expo in November.

Students from Whangarei Intermediate School and Kamo Intermediate School were invited to exhibit 8 pieces of art each.  We were delighted at the opportunity to show case with other talented rangatahi in our city.

As an incentive for students, there were cash prizes offered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and a special prize for 'people choice' voted by the public.  We were super proud that two of our students picked up prizes.  Emily won 2nd place and 'peoples choice' and Anika won 3rd prize for her quail.  Well done girls!  Ngā mihi to the Vegan Society of Whangarei.

Pakotai School Visit

Last Friday we had the absolute pleasure of hosting Pakotai School for an art session.  There were 16 students in total ranging from ages 5 - 11years.  We had fun playing with some clay making tiles for their Ag Day in October.  Check out their mahi! 

Spec Group A Rm 4 and 22- Carving their koauau

Take a look at students using their designs to carve into their koauau.    Students chose specific whakairo (carving) designs to represent their whānau which included caregivers, siblings and sometime family pets.

Spec Group B - Dispaly

Another rotation down and the mahi toi (art work) is looking amazing.  I am super impressed with the students during this rotation.  We had a number of interruptions but it is not reflected in the standard of work that has been produced.  I am particularly pleased with the classes who chose Tapa and Tivaevae units.  We didn't get to screen print during the Tivaevae units BUT some pretty impressive paper stencils were created.  We are very proud to display students work in our concourse gallery.  Thank you students for your ataahua mahi toi (beautiful art work).

Tapa - Group B 5/6/19

Here's a snippet capturing this awesome Year 8 class, finishing off their Tapa Unit.  Most are on the final steps of contemporary tapa which is bleaching.  They look GREAT!